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scrnGC2: Calc Input
scrnGC3: f(x) Plot Input
scrnGC4: g(x) Plot Input
The inputs above will be hidden when the program finally gets launched. Currently, I am not hiding them even when you close the calculator. The purpose of the inputs is to help in debugging. This allows you to enter simple code on the calculator screen but the program translates the input to javascript math. Give it a try and see if you notice any obvious problems or have suggestions for improvements.
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If you need extra help, the only site recommended is Purple Math.  This is a personal favorite of mine as it gives very detailed explanations of most of the topics which are covered at eMathLab.  Basically, if you have trouble doing any of my exercises and you would like to see someone else's explanation, this is an excellent resource.  Numerous lessons are available in the Lessons Index.

Anyone interested in higher level mathematics, engineering or the sciences, may find the MIT OpenCourseWare site of interest. Students, especially college-bound seniors, are urged to see what a wonderful resource MIT has made available to the public.

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